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Hotels by Location | Bali | Lovina Area

Lovina is located at Bali's northern tip, and the sunsets over the Java Sea are among the most spectacular in Indonesia. There are dozens of small losmen and hotels in this region, and the atmosphere is generally more relaxed than in the developed beach areas to the south of Bali island. One of Lovina's major attractions are the dolphins that amass in large schools just beyond the coral reefs in the early mornings. A fisherman can take you there for a nominal fee and you may be treated to the sight of dolphins vaulting fully out of the water, followed by their school-mates, in a remarkable aerial display. 

Also to be found in Lovina waters are traditional Bugis schooners, which still provide a means of transport for both passengers and cargo between the archipelago's islands. The beaches are dark volcanic sand which is a remnant of Bali's geologically violent past. There are a number of PADI courses available if you are interested in learning to scuba dive.

Puri Bagus Lovina
Puri Bagus Lovina is only a few minutes drive to the ancient town of Singaraja, the island's former Dutch Colonial capital. The stretch of beach in front of Puri Bagus Lovina holds beautiful coral formations and the opportunity of early morning dolphin watching.

Sol Lovina
Sol Lovina is one of a few big hotel in Lovina area. Sol Lovina is set on the tranquil bay of Lovina, North Bali, overlooking northwestward the dramatic peak of Mount Semeru, East Java. In the enchanted retreat to world of privacy, vacationers may relax under the beneath of thatched roof and private pool hosted by Balinese legendary smile and courtesy.

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