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Hotels by Location | Bali | Suraberata Area

Suraberata is an unspoiled and idyllic region located on Bali's picturesque west coast. It is the ideal place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Kuta, relax, and tune into the gentle rhythms of life in Bali. The western shore offers Bali's most dramatic and vivid sunsets, and the inland terraced rice fields of the area are the most fertile in Indonesia. There is always a harvest in progress, and the local people work together to cut and thresh the rice plants when they are golden and heavy with grain. 

There are plenty of unexplored villages and back roads where the local residents live in a traditional manner, working together to maintain their village temple, participating in the Hindu rituals that mark all the key moments in life, from childbirth ceremonies to spectacular cremations. The children in this region are fanatic kite builders, and the skies are often full of beautiful handmade kites that dip and dive with the breeze.

Sacred River Retreat
The Sacred River Retreat is located about 90 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Sacred River Retreat is near Suraberata. Situated in a beautiful beach, Sacred River Retreat is really good for those who are seeking for a place to relax, contemplate and want to experience the affordable, fascinating and be inspired by the soul of Bali.

Gajah Mina Beach Resort
Gajah Mina Beach Resort, a boutique hotel nestled among tropical gardens and beautiful rice fields a few steps from the private beach with natural caves, ancient stone carving and beautiful nature walks away from the crowd. The magnificent sunrise and sunset, the romantic setting of the swimming pool add to the charm of the coconut tree filled horizon and the crashing waves.

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